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Triesta Chocolates. Unique in flavour. Simply Irresistible!

Triesta Chocolates starts by perfectly blending smooth, rich chocolate with our own gluten-free almond biscotti for a hint of crunchiness.  An exquisite blend of enticing flavours, such as raspberry, cherry, white chocolate, amaretto, or pistachio is added for a magical taste sensation.  Each Truffle is then hand-rolled in cocoa powder.

The Chocolate Truffles come beautifully packed in their own box, while the sliceable Chocolate Salami recreates old-world deli style string packaging for a fun and innovative design.


“The Chocolate Salami was a little piece of heaven for a chocoholic like myself!”

- Lauren Pagan, BC


“The Chocolate Truffle was mouth watering. I’d highly recommended this as a gift or just a treat for yourself.”

- Ryan Mintern, BC


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